Orthopedic Mattress

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When I was young, I used to sleep in a water bed from our guest room. I definitely loved it because of the gentle swaying movement of the water. It was a lot easier for me to sleep at night due to that fact. Then, during my free time, I also liked jumping around on it. I never understood why my parents had not liked the water bed at all.

I have always had all sorts of back pains since I became a grown-up, but I did not mind what I was experiencing that time not until recently. It appears that my back problems were caused by my beloved water bed. When I first visited my physician, I informed him about all my symptoms. He was so puzzled at first, but then he told me that it was due to my poor body posture, insufficient exercise and work related injury. I told him that I do exercise three times in seven days, so that should not be part of the reasons. I was somehow discouraged since he had not asked me any other factors that might have contributed to my back condition. He recommended physical therapy for my back problems and advised me to come back after the therapy sessions were done. The therapy helped a little bit but the pain kept coming back so I really went to see my Orthopaedic Doctor again. The doctor found out that I was sleeping on a water bed. That was the time he knew what truly the problem was all about.

Seemingly, orthopaedic mattresses are a more common treatment for my unending back problems. The orthopaedic mattress made a very huge difference. It is a fact that most of us take around eight hours of sleep each night and with the right type of mattress, these hours can be used up in recovering from the strains of a very hectic day. A mattress that is too soft like the water bed, too uneven or those that puts pressure points down the spine just aggravate back injuries. It is really very important to make the right selection in mattresses.

The thing is, there are a lot of different orthopaedic mattress choices available. Many people favour orthopaedic pillow top mattresses. You can also buy a soft orthopaedic mattress pad in case you do not want to purchase a whole new bed. Sadly, even if they are very comfy, they do not really give very good back support. For example, a pillow top mattress collapses under your weight. You even sink into it, which will cause your spine to curve at an extremely awkward angle. This is the reason why nearly all orthopaedic mattress professionals do not suggest these kinds of beds. My orthopaedic doctor advised me to check the stores with different orthopaedic mattress available. He told me to do this approach in order for me to keep trying out different types of orthopaedic mattress until I find the right one for me. Recently, I found one that suited me. It felt so comfortable and also lessened my back pain and problem.


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