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When online maps were first introduced, I was very excited to use it, knowing that I have always had a terrible sense of direction. Finally, I got a chance to utilize something that would make me feel better and secured. Sad thing was, it did not work out the way I expected it to be! I was so disappointed when I first used online maps. The maps online made me very dependent that I never had to stay focused to where I was going. They were often inaccurate. There were times that datas were outdated, sometimes it had a couple of mistakes, and sometimes it was missing very important details. For instance, maps online would send you to the wrong way occasionally, give you the incorrect exit name , or just leave out crucial information. How do you think you can use this type of program when all it does is ruin your day and just waste your time? I even had a bad record for being late for approximately a quarter of my meetings. It turned out to be a disaster for me since my sense of direction even worsened.

However, online maps and online directions have changed from that time on. Though, it is still a good idea to double check driving directions online because they are good enough to lead you where you want to go. You just need to be more attentive to it. Each individual have different preferences on what specific online maps to use. Some would try Yahoo Maps; other would use Google Maps or MapQuest as well. Google Maps, MapQuest and Yahoo Maps are three of the most reliable online maps these days. They are all great even if they cannot beat the knowledgeable local’s directions! Still they are a great compliment especially if you are going to terra incognito or shall we say regions that have not been traced or mapped yet.

Google Earth is not only good for maps and directions. The truth is online maps are more beneficial than those simple driving directions. In fact, online map services full capacity has just been discovered lately. If you have used Google Earth before, I believe you know exactly what I am talking about. Today, you can already see an aerial map of any place on Earth just by using satellite photography! You can also combine online maps with local or regional road information today. By doing this, you can create a hybrid map that will show some geographical features together with a map of a street.

In reality, Google Earth can definitely help us improve human rights all over the world. You can check the data out on Darfur, then you will recognize what i am talking about. Holocaust Memorial Museum has teamed up with Google to present the information regarding the ethnic cleansing in Darfur. You can also check out the bombed villages together with its remains. You can also see all the destruction that took place in the village. This is a new idea and a great approach to online maps.


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