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As a social worker, I have encountered many people who have dreams of becoming someone, but it will just be another mistake. As I have observed, these types of people have a hard time being sensible about their capacities. This fact is common among teenagers. They are clouded by their own judgement towards a reasonable outcome to their dreams. I do not want to crush people’s goal by saying these sort of things, but I just want people to understand the possible downsides of their desires. Individuals should try to pause for a moment and try to recognize the possibilities of their decisions rather than feel sorry after doing something.

More often than not, people in either the counselling arena or legal system aspire to be a lawyer or a social worker. There are a lot of social workers who have experienced handful of hardships this is why most lawyers have come into the system to assist other people to overcome the same issues. Similarly, several young anti-socials that I have dealt with want to be lawyers because of their early exposure to a public defender and the legal system. Most of the time, the importance of great interaction with other people are not thought out when this choice of career is made. This idea paved the way to the online law school.

I once worked with a young man who had a hard time getting along with anybody. On our first meeting, he never talked to me. He did not want to talk to anyone at all. After a couple of sessions, he started to communicate to me. I learned that he had quite a lot of juvenile misbehaviours of threatening individuals whom he did not like through damaging their properties. He told me that he desired to be an attorney by going through online law school. The young man even considered getting his undergraduate course in a similar manner. He was very intelligent, that is why I did not hesitate that he could definitely complete the online law school work; yet I thought in order for him to be an attorney, and he still needed to interact with other people.

I convinced him to visit some campuses and interview a few lawyers to figure out if some of them had attended any online law school. I am aware that acquiring a degree in law is extremely expensive and can be pretty time consuming as well. The online law school looks like a great alternative to be able to acquire a degree most especially if you are raising your family or you are working. My greatest fear at that time was that this lad was interested to the idea of online law school since it meant he could get rid of the interaction with other people in a classroom setting.

He shared his goals and aspirations to his lawyer. The public defender advised him to work out on his anger issues first on his own but if he cannot handle it by himself, he can try enrolling to any anger management classes or even try counseling. The public defender made him understand that he needed to do one of those options first in order for him to practice law. His conversation with his lawyer became a motivation to attend counselling with me.


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