Gulf Cooperation Council (Gcc) Countries

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The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG) most commonly known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was formed on May 25th, 1981. The GCC currently constitute of six countries in the Arabian Peninsula –

  • Bahrain

  • Kuwait

  • Oman

  • Qatar

  • Saudi Arabia and

  • The United Arab Emirates. 

Yemen, also a country in the Arabian Peninsula, is not a member of the council.  The republic of Yemen is in negotiation for membership and hopes to join by 2016. However, most GCC states are resisting in giving Yemen full GCC membership because of its poverty and different system of government. Iraq was also a member of the Gulf cooperation council in certain GCC related institutions but this membership was discontinued after the invasion neighboring Kuwait.


Saudi Arabia occupying two-third of the Arabian Peninsula holds the head quarters for the council in Riyadh. All GCC countries political and legal systems are based on the Islamic religion. The GCC states has a total area of 2423.3 thousand KM2 and population of around 38.6 million. The citizens of GCC countries have the freedom to travel to any member country without visas or sometimes passports – a national identity card may be sufficient.

This region has some of the fastest growing economies mainly because of the surge in oil and natural gas revenues. 25 years from now the GCC countries while be full of life, where the desert will be covered with tall structures. Speaking of tall structures, UAE is already home for the tallest building in the world – burj khalifa. Another building of around 900 meters is planned in Dubai. While, Bahrain is planning a skyscraper of around 1022 meters.

Objectives Gulf cooperation council

  • Promote coordination between member states in all fields in order to achieve unity.

  • Unified military force (peninsula shield force).

  • Establish a common currency.

  • Strengthening ties between their people.

  • Establishing scientific research centers; and

  • Setting up joint ventures.


Flag and logo

The logo of the GCC consists of two concentric circles. On the upper part of the larger circle, the Bismillah phrase is written in Arabic. On the lower part of that circle, the Council’s full name is written in Arabic. The inner circle contains an embossed hexagonal shape representing the Council’s six member countries. The inside of the hexagon is filled by a map encompassing the Arabian Peninsula, on which the areas of the member countries are colored brown.


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