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While I was growing up, I did not quite understand what a notary does. All I knew was that my mother used a lot of her time going there. We live in Pennsylvania and in this state, people can get several things done in no time. I am not really sure if all the states have these but most of them probably do. In Pennsylvania, a notary can assist you in registering your car and with other things you would need. It is different in New York though as they have the DMV that you can go to get these things done. The problem that you might encounter is that even if it is a lot easier to do, there is a considerable  amount of money you have to pay to use them. Like I said, I never really thought about all these until a notary public statement became necessary to help me with my daughter.

My little girl is not actually my daughter but my niece. She was my brother and sister-in-law’s daughter but when her mother died and my brother could no longer take care of the baby, I took her in. She was only two years old when she came to my house and had been with me since then. My brother feels that she will be better cared for if she stayed with me but assured her that he loves her very much. On her own accord, she calls me mommy, and my brother feels that it is the most important thing. The first thing we took care of when my little girl came to live with me was getting a notary public statement just in case any problems would arise in the future. It turned out that getting a notary public statement which is only a piece of paper was a very useful.

For me to get a proper notary public statement, it was necessary for my brother to come along with me. When we got there, we both showed our IDs and we told the person in charge what we want to appear in the paper. To be exact, he was giving me temporary custody of his daughter along with giving me authority to get her the medical care she might need and everything else that a parent should provide her child. We signed the well-made notary public statement and it was sealed accordingly by the Notary. Everything was done after that.

Always keep in mind that a notary public statement is not legally binding in many various ways but it can definitely come in handy in some situations you get into. Some places do not accept them especially when a child is involved. For these instances, it best to conduct proceedings through the court and this is why we decided to adopt her. A notary public statement in hand was only there to fill in any instances in the time in between so that in some way I am able to protect her. It wasn’t the most ideal situation but it got us.


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