Neutrogena Skin Care

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When you walk into large discount stores, have you ever stopped and looked at varieties of  skin care products available on their shelves? I, myself, have never really taken the time to do so especially counting how many manufacturers  there are but the number of the beauty products is mind boggling. It could get really confusing when you’re trying to choose a product that is perfect for you as they all seem to promise to work miracles on your skin.

The one skin care product that I’ve been very happy all throughout the years and the ones’ that I’ve been using is the Neutrogena skin care line. This product is not only gentle on the skin but is also not filled with strong fragrances. Most manufacturers incorporate heavy scents in their products that can clash with any perfume you might decide to wear. This is not very helpful in some work environments like clinics and hospital where employees are expected not to wear perfumes because it can trigger people’s allergies. With the Neutrogena skin care line, this is one problem you will no longer worry about.

I first came across the Neutrogrna skin care products when I had problems with my extremely dry hands. Their lotion really helped a lot as it healed the dry, cracked skin on my hands. As many years have gone by, Neutrogena have introduced many more products that keep any skin type feeling and looking good. The Neutrogena skin care also has a line of good facial cleansers, creams and moisturizers to help keep your face feeling younger. Many of their products have sunscreen in them so you are sure that your skin is protected from the sun’s UV rays without the hassle of using another product. At times when I get unexpected exposure to the sun, like when I take a long walk in the park during lunch hour or when I stop to watch a ball game, I’m glad that I use Neutrogena skin care. These unplanned exposures usually lead to sunburn that can inevitably lead to health issues.

With the many advatanges that the Neutrogena skin care line offers, it is no surprise that it is a staple in our household. My husband also uses the same facial moisturizer as I do. I have also found out that their make-up line compliments my skin very well and the affordability of products is a big plus. It’s nice to know that whenever I go into any big drug stores, I already have the Neutrogena skin care line in mind  that I can immediately pick up in the beauty and health section when supplies are needed. You can spend an entire day staring at the number of products thinking which one is right for you if you don’t already have a brand you trust. If I remember correctly, the only time I tried on a different brand was when they gave out trials or sample sizes. This is the reason why I am never stuck with large bottles of products that I’m not happy with.


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