Mistakes In The Credit Report

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In life, we come across people who are obsessed with finding ways to stay young. These type of people spend a lot of time and money trying on products, procedures and constantly researching on every possible healthy way to live. Based on my experience, these people are too busy avoiding aging that they lose the opportunity to enjoy life. Also, I found out that these people aren’t the most fun to be around.

I’m nearing my retirement years and I have long made plans for it that will enable me to enjoy my golden years as much as possible. I refuse to spend any time worrying about time passing by. What I want is to have fun as much as I can possibly have. In order for me to do that, I made investments and paid my bills on time along with checking my credit report. I was planning to buy another condominium at the other end of the country so I can enjoy travelling between the two homes. My first home is in the northern states so I want my other home to be in a warmer climate where I can spend the cold winter months. With this plan, I knew that my financial situation is the realtor’s first concern which will inevitably take us into looking at my credit report. So I thought that having my credit report in hand would help us move on quickly.

I was really glad that I had checked my credit report early as I soon found out that there were huge mistakes recorded on it. You see, I have quite a common name and sometimes this leads to mistakes on identity. In my credit report, there were two outstanding loans that belonged to another person who has the same name as I do. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been diligent enough in using my full middle name on every legal documents however, this habit was not present in my younger years. The person that has my same first and last name along with the middle initial had a student loan at a university and the loan was quite a substantial amount. I’m positive that I didn’t acquire my degree from that private university but I did take some continuing education classes there. Each of the classes I’ve taken were all paid in cash. Thus, it was necessary for me to straigthen out the mistake because my retirement plans depend on it.

I called the private university’s accounting office and explained to them the problem that came out in my credit report. I asked them to look into my record specifically into any loan situation. After I’ve been put on hold for several minutes and after answering a lot of questions regarding my previous addresses, they finally informed me that the university made a huge mistake. They promised that the student loan will be billed to the correct person and that they will also be writing a letter to clear out my credit rating. The matter took several months before my credit report came back accurate. 


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