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When you hear people talk about mid life crisis, more often than not, it comes off as a joke. At times, I look at it as something people exaggerate about. However, now that I’m slowly nearing that time in life, I don’t think that having a midlife crisis is a laughing matter. I’ve seen a lot of people doing crazy and reckless things as they come into that age. Even as they are doing all those out of character actions, they admit that it isn’t like them but they still continue to do it. I think it is important that we find healthy ways for people going through mid life crisis to direct their attention to instead of keeping their fears and watch them self destruct.

My brother and I got a hint of the problem when he started looking for mustangs for sale. It was his dream car. In high school, he saved every single penny he managed to earn to buy the car. The Mustang was one of those cars that never grow out of style. He would drive it often until he met his future wife. Unfortunately, she hated the car and insisted that he sell it. He did. It was one of those relationships where the woman made every decision. She was never a pleasant person. They were married quite young and had children early so when they reached their mid forties, they were basically empty nesters. It was at this time that he started looking for any mustangs for sale. He looked everywhere just to find a good selection of mustangs for sale which will fulfill his needs. I knew his wife knew nothing about him looking for a car because he did his search in our house. Finally, after all the mustangs for sale ads he went through, he found one but it was down at Mississippi which is a few hundred miles from where we live which is in Minnesota. 

My brother was bent on getting the mustang so he suggested that we take a drive to Mississippi to have a look at the car. We never really had the chance to spend any time together so he thought that a fifteen hundred mile drive with only the two of us would be the perfect opportunity and also fun. My husband insisted that I go the trip with him, so I did. 

During the drive, there was so much to talk about like what has happened recently, our plans for our future and what will happen as we are make our plans. We also talked about how many mustangs for sale ads he had to go through to find this one car. It didn’t take long, though, before he started sharing how unhappy his marriage and how he was masking his problems by looking for mustangs for sale. It was a long drive so he had plenty of time to let out his suppressed emotions. When we reached Mississippi, he wasn’t thinking about the car or any mustangs for sale anymore but considering hiring a divorce lawyer. We came back to Minnesota with him agreeing to seek counseling and see if they can work things out so that their lives would be happier. If you ask me, less motorcycles, convertibles and tattoos will be sold if only people going through mid life crisis drive a few hundred miles and talk about what they want to buy before making the purchase.


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