Mug Warmer

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I’m an avid drinker of coffee and to be honest, on some days, saying the exact same sentence becomes an understatement. It hasn’t always been coffee. Before, it was soda I doted on but after realizing what it’s doing to my body, I started looking for other ways that can satisfy my caffeine cravings without getting all those empty calories in my daily intake. There are still calories involve in coffee but not as much as what I get from drinking soda. In my perfect world, I’ll be completely awake and only drink water. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening anytime soon so for now, I’ll stick to my coffee. Like everybody, I like my coffee warm but it gets tricky on cold days. So I went ahead and bought myself a mug warmer.

I’ve always been a fan of coffee so it may come as a surprise that I only just bought my first mug warmer. This is because for me, buying one means that I am deadly serious about coffee and that I have turned into my mother. It is not necessarily a bad thing but I was just not ready for an image like that. It is very frustrating, though, that I have to keep getting up every 15 minutes to go to the kitchen and warm up my cup of coffee in the microwave. The mug warmer definitely saves me from that frustration and the fact that it allows me to stay in one comfy place and just enjoy my coffee is a definite plus. I use a big mug and the mug warmer to prevent my coffee from cooling down too fast since I do prefer to drink my coffee really slow throughout the day.

My mug warmer didn’t fall in the expensive category so I tend to fear that I will wear it out quickly. It reminds me of the bottle warmer I bought for my daugther when she was still a baby. It doesn’t work like the mug warmer but it still feels like the mug warmer will wear out soon. The bottle warmer did work really well but after a few weeks, I needed to have it repaired but I resorted buying a new one instead. It did not seem to be well made but after going through so many baby stuff, it turned out to be the only one. I bought the bottle warmer and with the resonable price I paid for it, it also did not hurt to have it replaced.

A mug warmer would be an ideal gift for someone you know who loves coffee as much as I do especially if they happen to live in an place where it gets cold on most months of the year. Even if the heating system works well, a cold weather always sends a chill inside any home. It is in these cases that mug warmers are greatly appreciated. I know this because this it the time when I badly need my mug warmer.


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