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I have always wanted to become a movie director for as long as I can remember. Being able to direct a movie is basically my life long dream. I’m not exactly sure on how or when I decided that all I wanted to do is direct movies. I guess, I just knew. When I was a little kid, my parents and I would go out to watch a movie and whenever an exciting scene would come up, I would often say that I want to do that. At first they though that what I was referring to was what the movie characters were doing but when I started talking to them about the scenes and basically about everything that happened in the movie down to the littlest detail, they soon understood that what I wanted was the movie director job.

Unfortunately, in-tranced with my life long dream, I went straight to college without looking up on how to be a successful movie director. If I did, though, I’m pretty sure, I would have been extremely discouraged. You see, acquiring a degree from a film school is just the start of it. Even if you’re technically qualified to handle and direct films, it is difficult for anybody to hire you if you lack years of experience and there is a very valid reason for it. Everyone wants to become a movie director, that is a fact and Hollywood is overflowing with people that are either more qualified or more talented than you. Years of experience under your belt is needed along with undeniable connections and even taking the role of a gopher on different film sets is necessary for you to qualify as a movie director. The first years after your graduation from film school will be spent realizing these facts.

A good example would be what happened to me. It took three long years before I was finally able to contribute any editorial input to a movie production. Up until that point, I went through several menial jobs in the same field with my dream job. Some of them was helping in setting-up the movie sets, running errands, arranging meetings those kinds of work. I was in the brink of despair and even came to the point of calling it all off. Who could blame me? It’s never a good thing to realize that I’ve worked hard for three years yet I was nowhere near a movie director job. Fortunately, things started looking up for me.

Do not misunderstand me, though. I’m still far off in becoming a movie director. In fact, I could still be several years from my movie director dream job but nonetheless, the whole experience allowed me to advanced to that point where it feels like I can already make a mark of a certain degree on movies. Whether I become a movie director or not, I know that I certainly now have more creative input than I did before. Perhaps, now, it’s just a matter of time.


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