Changing Car Motor Oil

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There is this myth that women always tend to forget to have their cars’ motor oil changed. As said, it is a myth, and I hate the whole idea. It is not that I forget to change my car’s motor oil, but it is because my husband never fails to do so especially after reminding him to do it. True, it’s been a while, since I last did it myself, and it would be fair if I do it more often but since my husband uses our car most of the time, I believe it only makes more sense that he takes the car out to have the motor oil changed.

When you first bought your car, you might remember the instruction the motor oil should be changed every 3000 miles you get in your vehicle. It is a good idea to follow that instruction but my husband and I usually wait until it reaches 4000 miles before we take the car out for oil change. Our car is over 10 years old but is still running in amazing condition. The 4000 mile mark works for us, I guess. Higher than that, though, makes me anxious, and I often remind my husband to take the car in for a motor oil change and even had the car checked. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious, after all. The good thing is that it only takes more or so fifteen minutes and doesn’t take much out of us.

You can have your vehicle’s motor oil changed for you in many different places rather quickly. We often do this, since we neither  the way nor the will, for that matter, to change it ourselves. More often than not, this car shop service is fast and the price isn’t too bad. Also, they top off the other liquids in the vehicle and would even change some of the filters for no extra charge. Most car shops provide these services, but if you do not get any of these when you have your motor oil changed, it may be a good idea to find someone else to do it. The services are definitely worth adding a few more bucks to have them done. Just think of it as having one less of a headache when you consider keeping your car’s engine in good condition.

If you prefer to change your vehicle’s motor oil on your own, consider yourself as one of a dying breed. If you are quite familiar with cars, though, you can save money compared to having the service done. You can even save more by buying the oil in bulk. If you prefer a certain brand for your motor oil, this would be the perfect time to choose what you specifically want. Most people often do not have a preference on motor oils but those who are quite knowledgeable about anything involving cars may prefer a specific brand over the other. When you do it on your own, the choice is yours.


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