Modern Motion Detectors

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There was not too much motion detectors back when I was younger.   I had some motion detectors when I was a kid. It was more like a toy.  They have been around for quite a long time, but it only applies to kid’s movies and toys and not in serious security devices. I once had a spy kit, which had a motion detector, and have always thought it is the best gadget ever. That was a very simple electronic device, not as complex as the modern security systems of the modern days. It projects an invisible infrared light that bounces off the wall and back to the motion detector. If the beam is disturbed by anyone or anything, it would surely trip the alarm.

There are more sophisticated modern motion detectors nowadays. These devices are much more advanced. Many can detect movement in the room. In addition, they can sense change in temperature, fluctuating air currents, and tiny vibrations not audible to the ear, as wells as other signs that a trespasser has entered. The best of these devices are very impressive but even the low-tech ones works well and are very good. Many of these modern motion detectors use a combination of different technologies. As a preventive measure, motion detector is one of the best features of any home security systems. They instantly trigger lights and/or alarms, so that anyone is aware of movement in and around the house. If you are not at home, you can connect a motion detector to your home security system that will notify the monitoring center of a possible break-in

Most people would think that a basic home security device is enough to prevent housebreaking, but it is not true. Home security devices such as security alarms, window bars, and even outdoor security lights are not that safe. Hardened and determined criminals can enter 95% of the houses. Using advance devices like security cameras and motion detectors would make sense for modern homeowners. Moreover, these gadgets are no longer that expensive. You should be able to provide your loved ones the best protection even on a tight budget. You can have a motion detector installed as part of your security system without much extra time or labor. 

Being aware of what is going on in and around your home makes you and your family safer.  Considering the fact that 65% of all break-ins occur at night, the importance of using a motion detector becomes clear, but it is not enough to install a modern security system. It is important that these systems are checked because most common causes of housebreaking are failure to routine-check a security system. Electronic devices can fail sometimes, like anything else. These systems need to be monitored every now and then to make certain that everything is working smoothly. A regular security check could prevent break-ins. It could safeguard your family, your possessions, and maybe even yourself. After all, prevention is better than cure. So it would be better to be safe, than sorry.


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