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Many people communicate using emails, chat services and land lines these days. You can see some people sending emails rather than talking over the phone at times. This is happening due to the reality that sometimes, we need to say something but we do not want to speak with the person. I guess we just want to avoid something worse from happening if we’ve had some conflicts or disagreements with another person. Today, we also use phones as a means of communication. You can observe a number of people talking in their living rooms using land lines and a few who are conversing while cooking or watching their favorite TV shows using cordless phones. You can also see most people having their own cellular phones everywhere they go. If you come to think of these things, most Americans cannot live without these means of communication. In general, the American population considers using phones as part of the norms of the society nowadays. This may seem strange to the older generations but this is how we do things today. We have even considered landlines to be outdated. This is the reason why mobile phone offers are increasing in the market.

Yesterday, I realized something while I was talking to a T-Mobile customer representative in one of our local malls. I noticed that he wants to lock me in by letting me sign a contract while I was just checking the phones that they are selling. He showed me the price list of their mobile phone offers and even shared to me some of their competitor’s prices. In my own perception, the longer they can get me signed up into one of their agreements, the less competition they have to be concerned about. This is where mobile phone offers come into the picture.

It is indeed true that mobile phone providers would be very much willing to give you a free Razor or any new high-tech cellular phone as long as you would sign up with them. In the case of T-mobile, 3 years of contract agreement is too long for me to handle. I believe it does not cost them any dough at all. They will just rip me off over those numbers of years. This is how mobile phone offers work. The cellular provider just need your loyalty to earn cash.

For some people, usual mobile phone offers are of no use at all. I do not want to lock myself up with Verizon for 2 years just because I can get a free two hundred fifty dollar cellphone. I am the type of person who hardly ever used a cellphone. For individuals like me, it makes a lot more sense to have a pay-as-you-go mobile phone or a Go phone. You can just simply pay for the number of minutes that you are actually using if you have this pre-paid option. Getting those post paid mobile phone offers is a silly decision since you can take advantage of using the pay as you go  phone and not even worry about any contract agreement.


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