Men Hair Loss Solutions

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Being a man be can be very tough in today’s world. Everyone expects a man to be financially secure and this pressure will often lead to hair loss. Stress and age are the two main factors for men hair loss. Just imagine, 65 percent of males have a problem with hair loss. The worse thing about men hair loss is that it can happen in any age. Could you even imagine a bald teenager? Of course not! Our hair is a symbol of our manhood and strength. Even the ancestors see men hair loss as a problem. Do you remember the story of Goliath? He was as strong as thousands of men, but when his hair was cut, he was weak. Society today still frown upon men hair loss. There must be a cure for men hair loss!

Welcome to the new world! There are thousands of products in the market today that promise to prevent men hair loss. Let us talk about the two of the most used treatments which are Propecia and Rogaine. These products ushered in a new meaning to growing your hair back. A study was conducted about Rogaine and how it helps prevent hair loss. The study confirmed that only a quarter of it’s users were able to get a positive result. That’s way too low! The reasearchers were also able to point out that your perspective also plays a big part.  A group of men were tested  and it showed that placebo was the main cause of hair growth. All this time, we thought the product was working! Placebo was making our hair grow back.

The advancement of men hair loss is not only about growing hair back, but also on how to prevent it from happenning in the first place. A number of studies have been conducted to prevent men hair loss. All of them had the same conclusion which is DHT. It’s an acronym for Dihydrotestosterone blockers. DHT is what your testosterone turn into when you get older. DHT is also three times as potent as testosterone.  DHT excretes from your scalp and will severly the hair follicles. When the hair dies and it falls out, the pore will seal shut, and thus causing baldness. You can buy a shampoo and conditioner that contains DHT blockers. With products like you wash away any DHT in the scalp and will leave your hair follocles to be healthy and vibrant. This was greatest breakthrough in men hair loss technology. 

Do you want to be bald when your 30?  Do you want to wait until it’s too late? Are you willing to lose the symbol of your manhood? I don’t think so! Use the product now while you’re still young. Prevention is the best way to resolve a problem. Start taking the steps early so that it would work better. You’re friends may think that you’re just paranoid, but after a few years you’re the one that will have the last laugh. Start using the DHT now and prevent your hair loss from ever happening.


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