This is a Walk is Better For Your Health Than Pills From The Doc?

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As a certified nut, I totally agree with that. I’ve tried almost every drug more accessible, that the explosion in the pool and climb the big hill clears my mind is how to change the reality in May with chemicals, but could not

Benefits of walking

If you are struggling up the hill you just think about the next steps, not your problems. Increases your pulse (heart muscle strengthening, and gets his ass hard from aerobic) and whooshes blood through your system. You feel perfectly at the end of a ride, and unlike drugs, there is no failure Comedown.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website says: “Regular exercise can help keep your thinking, learning and trial skills sharp as you age. It may also reduce the risk of depression and can help you sleep better. “

Studies have shown that regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle is more effective than antidepressants. Think about it – here I have committed a crime every week. I have a set of terms and am under pressure, so I live on a diet of fast food, coffee, cigarettes and work. I’m not leaving my office, but smoke, or get another coffee. After 50 hours a week has tanks empty stomach anymore and I feel completely out of order. But I know that when I was in good shape to run 5 miles every morning to run, I have coffee, because I was under pressure, I do not smoke so much, he was thin as a rake, and I do not get depressed!

CDC confirms this. “The study found that doing aerobics or a combination of aerobic and strength activities 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes can give you these mental health benefits. Some scientific evidence also showed that even low levels physical activity may be useful. “

Outdoor activities even better

2011 British scientists study shows that outsourcing is better than exercise, for example, in the hallway.”Compared with the implementation of the room, working under natural conditions was associated with a greater sense of vitality and positive involvement, reduction of tension, confusion, anger and depression and increase energy.”

For me the invitation to go to the gym to work in an hour, it seems are kindly requested to be tortured by the secret police. But the invitation to walk along the coastal road nears my house? It rips the hand of my friend from dragging out the door! Here in Dorset, England, we have the beautiful landscape that will never stop looking.

I actually get to go into a storm with heavy rain, be even more fun, and with an angry sea hit the rocks. Indeed, during a storm in Cornwall a few years ago, we were warned not to go to the bank at all, as 20-foot waves had come through the storm. I was there with my waterproof camera on top of the cliff and 20 feet got wet as the sea swept over me – it was well worth the risks associated with my car washed off the road an angry sea.


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