Need For Marriage Counseling

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“James and I had gone through marriage counseling.” These words were uttered by my friend Haley,  right before they both got married. I was thinking that my friend was silly when she told me what they have done right before their matrimony. While she was telling me what happened during the counseling session,  I asked myself why they have decided to go through that type of thing when in reality, they have been seeing each other for more than four years.

At this point, I realize the importance of their move. I believe that my other half and I could have utilized a simple marriage counseling before our marriage. Although nearly everyone believe of counseling as a way to deal with marital difficulties, it can as well be a way to avoid the challenges from developing. My spouse and I do not have serious problems, but we’ve had some disagreements about some stuffs. There were some things that my spouse and I thought we have approved on right before our marriage, but we had not even bothered to discuss. 

For several couples, this is a reality that leads to a huge problem. More often than not  things like kids, funds, extended family arrangements are some of the major problems. Other huge difficulties include how to spend quality time and ethical issues that may arise in a manner that was never even anticipated. Aside from pre-wedding marriage counseling, a number of people do not want to undergo counseling when they’re having issues afterwards. For some, this seems to be an idea of admitting that the relationship has failed. A few assume that they can work things out by themselves. Some are just so stubborn and do not even care at all. This can be a very big mistake. 

One should consider marriage counseling if there is a situation where things are not working out fine anymore. Couples do not have to wait for the idea of separation to become a problem. It is a lot better to discuss what the problems are and try to do something about them. This approach is a very good path to take since it avoids further damage. You should not be afraid of trying marriage counseling because you can never tell what is going to happen when you are already married.

A few married couple seek someone from their church. This option can be fantastic but it can as well be a catastrophe. I believe choosing someone for marriage counseling is difficult. I say this because some people have their personal ideas about marriage that support the woman, and some just favor the man no matter how biased the issue is becoming. Find someone for this who seems to have no bias in both direction. That approach will let you know that you are getting a reasonable advice intended to benefit the both of you. If the marriage just does not work for you, do not be scared to leave somebody. It would be better to choose this path rather than live a miserable life. Still, you need to consider a lot of things carefully before deciding. There are lots of good counselors who can help you both during your decision making process. You just need to know where to look and be mature enough to decide for the better.


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