Marbella Spain

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The Andalusia region has a lot to offer when it comes to cultural history and modern amenities. Marbella Spain is known by many as a playground for the rich and the Costa del Sol economy. Most of these people often take a vacation here and that’s why the marina is always full of luxury yachts. Tourists also love the casinos, design label shops, and beaches. Marbella Spain has been featured in several television shows and movies. The most recent are Spielberg’s Munich, George Clooney’s Syriana, and Nip/Tuck. 

Marblla Spain started as a simple fishing village and grew into a tourist haven today. Puerto Banus Marina is one of the best tourist spots in the city. The marina is known for it’s bars and restaurants. Marbella Spain even offers fine international menus with British and Italian restaurants around city. There are also restaurants here that is specializes seafood and the city’s traditional dish called “paella”, which has become a popular meal with the tourists.

The city isn’t just about luxury, it can also amaze people with it’s rich history. There are parts of the city that dates back to 1600BC. The Moors that came from Islamic North Africa has given the place legacies of architectural wonders. In Marbella Spain, you can see a Moor inspired Castle that dates back thousands of years ago. Even the city’s street reflect Moor influence. One must visit Orange Square since it is famous for it’s beautiful buildings and 16th century town center. Art galleries, bistros, and shops are plentiful as well in this city. Souvineers are never a problem in Marbella Spain. The tourist information office is always ready to provide any help needed, like maps or directions.

There are a number of museums in Marbella Spain as well. The Bonsai Museum is one of the most unusual among all of them. It is popular in the world for displaying 500 types of plants from 40 distinct species. Most of the miniature trees are from Marbella Spain, but there are some that orginated as far as China. The museum sits on a beautiful lakeland and you can see turtles in the lake. 

Marbella Spain is also famous for it’s excellent golf courses. Golf is the top sport in this city and its courses have been designed by the best professional golfers. Marbella Spain is adjacent to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which is famous for its skiing facilities. Hipodromo Mijas Costa is also a drive away and is open all year long. In this city, you can enjoy watching races on floodlit nights. You can even enjoy great meals from restaurants and bars around the track. There are also establishments here that give you the opportunity to sail and experience the high seas. Playing tennis is something you shouldn’t miss while you are in Spain. Just imagine playing on a red clay court, which is the same court where the WTA tennis tournament was held. 

Marbella Spain maybe a small city, but if offers world class amenites. The city is anything but ordinary. That’s why this city is the premier destination for the rich and famous.


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