Defective Products From Online Shopping

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When you purchase a product online you may come across a defective item.  Whether it was defective before it was shipped or it was broken during the shipping process having to deal with defective products from online shopping is likely something you won’t want to do.  However, if you do receive defective products from online shopping you’re going to need to take immediate action.

Testing Products

If you order a product online the first thing you’re going to want to do is test the product.  This is the best way to avoid issues with defective products from online shopping because if you immediately catch a problem you won’t have to worry about the return policy.  Most online retailers have a return policy which is helpful if something goes wrong with your new product.

There are a few reasons why you’ll want to immediately test your product for defects.  The first reason is as stated, you’ll want to know if you received defective products from online shopping and you’ll want to know before the return policy is up.  This means if you ordered something as a gift for Christmas the gift might have to be opened before Christmas for testing purposes—especially if you bought a computer or other technological device.

The second reason for testing for defective products from online shopping is because you’ll have all the packaging materials plus the shipping and product receipt.  This will help you so if you do have issues you can contact customer service and you’ll have all the important information with you.

Upon testing a product and you find defective products from online shopping follow the next step.

Contact Customer Service

If you receive defective products from online shopping then the next step you’re going to need to take will be to contact customer service for the online retailer.  An agent will help you by giving you information about returning the product and how long you’ll have to wait for the new product to arrive.  Your agent will inform you if you’re within your return policy time.  You’ll also figure out if you have to return the product or if they’ll have someone return to your home to pick it up for you.

Issues with Contacting Customer Service

Sometimes online retailers don’t like to respond to complaints or don’t respond well to complaints such as a complaint regarding defective products from online shopping.  If you come across a customer service agent who isn’t being helpful you need to do everything within your power to speak to someone who will help you.  For example, ask to speak with a manager or supervisor.  If issues still aren’t resolved contact an agency that can help you like the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Defective products from online shopping do happen, unfortunately.  Sometimes it’s the retailer’s fault, sometimes it’s the shipping company’s fault and sometimes it could very well be your fault.  Nevertheless dealing with defective products from online shopping is much easier if you take these steps.


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