How TO Setup WordPress ON Local Server?

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Download install WAMP on local server.

i mean local server mean your personal computer.


wamp it allows to create web applications on your personal computer.

It also comes php my admin .

Wamp server is good local server.And also user friendly software .its have very simple settings to maanage web applications.

Recently launched Wamp server new version 2.1,

Its the fully updated,and its have more advanced features.


How to install Wamp server on your personal computer????

Just download from

open source software:wamp server

Just download it and also download wordpress 3.0 from wordpress home page.

After downloading these files,just install wamp server on your personal computer,

Step:1: Welcome to wamp server setup wizard

click next

Step:2:Here accept the agreement,

Step:3: It will install files on your local drive.

Generally C:\wamp

Step:4: Now create desktop and quick launch icons.

Step:5: click next to continue to extract files on C:\ drive.

It will extract all dll files in to c:\ drive.

Step:6: It will ask like

“Firefox has detected on your computer,Would like to use it has default browser with wamp server 2”

Just i suggest yes only.

Y means Firefox best compatibale for all modules and addons.

Step:7:Windows security alert,

“Do you want to keep blocking this program”

“Name:Apache HTTP server”

“Publisher: Apache software foundation”

Just press unblock or ask me later.

Step:8: Now display’d

“SMPT :localhost”

“Email: your@yourdomain”

Click next

Step:9:Launch web server now ,click finish.

Step:10:Server starts on your computer,it displayed green color button beside time on your personal computer.

Step:11:First create php my admin ,just click grren button click on phpmyadmin.


Step:12: create a new database:name it

wordpress and click on create,

step:13:Now extract wordpress 3.0 in to folder ,Now copy these folder into


After copying,NOw refresh your local host:


Now it displayed wordpress project on your computer,

Step:14:click on wordpress project ,now create configuration,


Database name: wordpress

username: root,


Database host:local host,

Table prefix:wp_

Step:16: Now install wordpress,

Just create testing site and information,

After filling information,

Now it displays twentyten theme.

enjoy testing plugins,themes on your local server.


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