Vince Vaughn Admits to Being a Vancouver Canucks Fan!

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Over the years, Vince Vaughn has become known for supporting the Chicago Blackhawks. He is often seen sitting behind the glass, wearing his Hawks jersey during their home playoff games, most notably against the Vancouver Canucks. Most people assume that Mr. Vaughn is a Hawks fan because he lives in Chicago.

However, on Sunday, April 24, 2011, during a television commercial break of a heated Game 6, Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the real truth was uncovered. 

This is the conversation that allegedly took place between the famous actor and the Vancouver Canucks goaltender:

Vince: Luongo? I need to see your right away. It’s important.

Luongo: What’s going on, Vince?

Vince: We got three big weeks ahead of us. It’s wedding season, kid!

Luongo: Vince, I can’t crash weddings with you this year. It’s playoff season, and I intend on playing until mid-June.

Vince: Roberto. Roberto. Look at me. What do you like better, playoffs or wedding season?

Luongo: Listen, Vince. I already told you. Not this year. The Canucks are going all the way, and they need me in nets. Is this why you’ve been cheering for the Hawks? So that if the Canucks lose, I can come crash weddings with you? 

Vince: Sigh. Yes, Roberto, that is why.

Go. Canucks. Go. 2011. 

Note: After leading the series three games to none, the Vancouver Canucks finally won the series in Game 7 on April 26, 2011, at the Rogers Centre in Vancouver. Had the Chicago Blackhawks won this seventh game, overcoming incredible odds, they would have been only the 4th team in the history of the NHL Playoffs to stage a comeback after dropping the first three games. As such, Chicago, the defending Stanley Cup Champions, has been eliminated from the 2011 NHL Playoffs. Vancouver’s second round series begins April 28th against the Nashville Predators, in Vancouver. As President Trophy winners, the Vancouver Canucks will have home ice advantage during these series, as well as for the rest of the playoffs. Roberto Luongo has been nominated for the Veniza Trophy, which is awarded to the individual voted best goaltender of the year. Nashville’s Pekka Rinne has also been nominated for this award. Needless to say that we can expect this upcoming series to be one of the greatest goaltending matchups for these playoffs. 


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