Do Not Waste Time Going For Kung Fu or Karate Lessons, Might Not Save You From An Attack

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When you watch kung fu or karate movies, you might think that action stars actors like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan or even Jet Li look very cool when they are fighting using their different fighting styles and techniques.

Sometimes, we might even get the idea that as long as we go for kung fu or karate lessons, we might be able to handle many opponents like the movie stars. After all, they fighting scenes are probably choreographed designed for viewer amusement and it is not a life and death situation. The truth is, even the best martial arts training might not save your life if you are not aware what is going on around you. Just because you have a black belt in Karate, doesn’t mean you will be able to win in a street fight. There are just too many factors beyond your control.

In real life, most people do not fight fair. They will throw dirt in your eyes, hit you beneath the belt and pull all sorts of dirty tactics just to beat you. Furthermore, you might be outnumbered and not like in movies, where the bad guy will fight one-on-one with the hero. Do not assume just because you can fight like an action star, that you can take 3-5 people at once. Movies heroes are aligned in such a way that most of the enemies get disabled with one or two hits or the fight is one on one. The other factor you must take into consideration is the use of weapons. No matter how good your fighting skills you cannot dodge bullets. Your adversary might take you by surprise and overpower you in a blink of an eye.

I am not trying to make organized or disciplined martial arts training sound useless here because they are actually very useful to learn a new art and practice self-discipline for learning these skills is a way to stay healthy and fit. Matters of life and death are unlike in the movies, in real life, once something goes wrong it is for REAL. We cannot hit the rewind button to start all over again. When it comes to fighting in real life, your opponents are not sparring partners. They will continue to hit you even after you have fallen down. When you are fighting against these guys, remember that there are NO rules. You do not have to conform to the rules of hitting above the belt or any other restrictions.

In real life we have to be smart and use any tool you see around you to gain an advantage to win. We must always remember to call for help if necessary and never ever try to be a hero or a one man show in the fight of life and death. There is never a fight to gain honor in real life so be SMART and always GET HELP when faced in matters of life and death


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