Health Effects of Soft Drinks

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Soda pop has become one of the most popular beverages to be consumed throughout the world. The rate of many kids consuming soft drinks has soared at record levels. You can easily find soft drinks wherever you go. This includes restaurants, takeaways, schools, leisure centres and more!

However, over the past few years, rates have declined with sales falling down to where they first began. Coca-Cola has remained the leading seller of carbonated soft drinks but statistics show that people are slowly switching to healthier choices like ready-to-drink teas and energy drinks.

As soft drinks are the leading beverages for the young, it is vital to discover the health effects that could cause serious harm to a person’s health. Let us find out below.

1) Diabetes

Drinking too much soft drink could cause problems with how the body handles sugar levels. Researchers tested many sodas and have found that they contain 65% fructose corn syrup content. This chemical is similar to table sugar and is an important factor in triggering diabetes. Unlike glucose which passes through out digestive tract and is excreted, 100% of fructose is consumed by the liver and causes increased fat deposition and the level of triglycerides. These two problems increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

This can be shocking as the level of fructose corn syrup in sodas has been underestimated. In the distant past, an average person consumed near 15 grams of fructose a day being that the primary source was mainly fruit. In the present day, consuming fructose has elevated above 135 grams per day with soda being the primary source.

15 grams of fructose won’t be harmful to health unless you suffer from high uric acid. But 135 grams is worrying and could trigger obesity and many other diseases. To discover the symptoms of diabetes, please check my Bukisa article ‘Symptoms of Diabetes’.

2) Tooth Decay

Research has found that soft drinks contain a high proportion of acids which leads to tooth decay. Over the past 10-15 years, the rise of children suffering from tooth erosion has soared. Dental experts are demanding changes to the ingredients of fizzy drinks. Unfortunately, claims have been made that manufactures are adding more ingredients which increase further dental erosion.

Acids in soft drink cause the tooth enamel to wear away and appear as stumps in extreme cases. A report in the British Dental Journal said that tooth decay can be reduced by adding friendly ingredients to fizzy drinks and weakening the acidic action on teeth.

This is why you should brush your teeth after drinking or eating food and drink. It can help keep teeth clean and healthy. For information on how to keep teeth healthy, please check ‘how to keep teeth healthy’.


You may find that soft drinks are enjoyable and addictive. However, every sip adds to the health effects that could eventually eat your body parts.

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