Easy And so Effective Ways of Dealing With Leaking Breasts.

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Soon after delivery, the mammary glands start producing milk that will be the main source of nourishment for the young one for a certain period. The joy of having a new born is overwhelming that you forget much activity going on around you all except for one………..your leaking boobs. When the milk is produced, there is so much pressure that this milk shoots out from the two breasts in one’s chest and unlucky you if you are caught off-guard, your clothes will be soaked within minutes. Dealing with this issue often called the milk let down is often ignored but surprisingly it is very easy to sort it out.

  1. Padded bras.

Buy enough bras that are well padded that will soak in the milk without letting it soak to your outer clothes. Thin bras are not suitable for a nursing mother since they will not help in containing any milk that leaks. Change the bras during the day whenever necessary. be creative when buying your bras, get different designs and colors for your bras……this will help in boosting your self esteem at this time. This bras also help in preventing your boobs from sagging at a faster rate.

  1. Rub your breasts.

When you feel that the milk is about to let down, try rubbing your breasts in a circular motion. Rub in a slow motion and relax your breathing. This works fast as the pressure reduces and thus the milk does not leak. The good thing about this is that you can do it even in public…………….that is if you will not mind one or two quizzical looks.

  1. Towels.

Get soft towels that you could comfortably tuck in between your top and bust. Also when sleeping, place the towels on first so that they can soak the milk and therefore avoid the staining of the bed sheets. breast milk tends to leave an ugly stain on clothes or beddings, so it is wise to always place a towel on your sheet before you lay down to sleep.

  1. Pinch.

In your own privacy you could deal with this problem by pinching the areole between the tips of your fore finger and the middle finger. It sure sounds like a naughty way of controlling the milk down but it is a super fast method of holding back the milk that is threatening to trickle down.

Despite of this regular situation of boobs leaking, let it not damp down your spirits while taking care of your beloved young one. Let them drip, they will cease dripping when the young one is four to six weeks old. So hang in there…..


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