6 Great And Effective Ways to Lose Weight…the Natural Way.

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6 great tips for a healthy weight loss diet.

 Apart from the physical health, one who is over weight has a constant desire in him/her to have better control of his/her weight and lose some kilos. Apart from following exercising and dieting programs one needs to pay strict attention at what he/she eats so as to lose or gain weight. More than any other factor, food is the main determinant of one’s weight control and  general health.

There are amazing ways to eat to avoid weight gain and listed below are the effective methods of ensuring  that one eats foods that are nutritionally adequate while cutting some kilos at the same time.

Low energy producing foods.

Increase the intake of foods that supply  few calories in proportion to their weight. These are foods as vegetables and fruits.

Satiating foods.

Choose foods that are fiber-rich. When fiber retains water, it increases in volume and fills up the stomach giving a sense of satiety. These are foods such as: seaweed, fruits e.g. cherries, sweet potato and vegetables.

Low total caloric intake.

Reduce the total amount of calories intake so that the diet can be effective in losing weight. The diet should supply fewer calories than what is being burned down by the body.

Follow healthful dietary habits.

These habits are:

  1. Do not eat in between meals.

  2. Avoid worry and stress during mealtime  since it may lead to over consumption.

  3. The primary meals of the day should be breakfast and lunch. Take salad or small portion of fruit for supper.

  4. Eat slowly. By this you reduce the amount of food consumed which means less calories.

A balanced proportion of calories’ sources.

The caloric intake in a healthy weight loss diet program should consist of the three food sources. Carbohydrates should take a larger fraction of 50-75%, fats, 15-35% and proteins at 10- 15%.

Calories should not be the only important item.

The source of the calories should be equally important as the number of calories in an effective weight loss diet.

Equal amounts of calories found in sweets, cakes, chocolates are fattening than calories found in vegetables, grains, legumes and fruits.

To lose some weight the healthy way, an individual should become accustomed to eat weighed and controlled portions of each food source with the main aim of not exceeding the daily allowance  and also maintaining the balance among nutrients. 


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