Wwe Draft 2011 Review

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Smackdown to Raw!

Rey Mysterio – This little guy has accomplished enough on Smackdown…He should be able to do good on Raw now. Also with Sin Cara on Smackdown it was a good move to keep these two apart for now.

Alberto Del Rio – After making continuous appearances on Raw, even if it was the lead up to WrestleMania, it just got me thinking it was going to happen. Also, he had been built up to the World Heavyweight Championship, so if he does not win at Extreme Rules, he is probably going to have to be built back up towards the WWE Championship.

Big Show – After winning the WWE Tam Team Championships, he can go on both shows anyway, so the draft did nothing for him at the moment. I wonder what WWE have in mind for him when he does lose the championships. Even though he seems to be drafted every year, so I do not think WWE have any idea what to do with him.

Jack Swagger – I am guessing with this involvement with Michael Cole he is going to want more on screen time, so they have moved him to Raw where he will get it. Hopefully this also means a bigger push!

Kelly Kelly – Raw seems to need more divas, so why not move the always smiling diva?

JTG – After Cryme Tyme…Who cares?

Drew McIntyre – Yes, now I am hoping with him on Raw he will get the push to the top and have a good run…Better than he had on Smackdown!

Curt Hawkins – The only way to make him mean something in the WWE is to reunite him with Zack Ryder.

Kofi Kingston – Kofi may have different opponents but I do not think there will be much change with him.

Tyler Reks – He has the dark look about him that could help his character but I do not think much will come of him even on Raw.

Beth Phoenix – Yes! The Glamazon is on Raw! With Kharma coming sometime in the future I am hoping to see something between these two, even a pairing if the WWE are going to keep diva tag teams or have them up against each other.

Raw to Smackdown!

Daniel Bryan – Scrap the relationship idea WWE and have Bryan now have matches and work on his push.

Randy Orton – With Edge now retired, Smackdown does need a new top guy and if WWE are against moving Cena, then they have gone with the next best thing, Orton. I am hoping for a heel turn but it is unlikely at this moment in time, but what is for sure is that he will win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mark Henry – After his great heel like turn on Raw I am looking forward to seeing if they keep it and have him dominate the mid card on Smackdown.

Sin Cara – He has Smackdown written all over him, Smackdown is taped so his botches can be edited and Smackdown will be a great show to slowly build him up.

The Great Khali (with Ranjin Singh) – Since the trousers changed colour, he has became with a joke. I am hoping WWE will change him back…but I doubt it.

The Usos – I am not saying them separately unless they are going to spit and have a short rivalry like past ex tag teams have. With the tag team division being dead, what was the point in his draft?

Alcia Fox – Another diva that use to be dominant and an ex diva champion, could she use how she has been on Smackdown now?

William Regal – We have seen him do okay in the Royal Rumble. I am hoping for good things from Regal and maybe the tag title around his waist.

Yoshi Tatsu – He can move in the ring, so maybe we will see him possible doing okay on Smackdown if he gets used.

Natalya – They should have left her on Raw and had her involved with Kharma too. We are probably going to see another Natalya vs. Michelle McCool again.

Ted DiBiase – I will say this…If he gets used properly, he could make a good champion on Smackdown!

Tyson Kidd – Since The Hart Foundation split, Tyson Kidd has down awfully, so I say meh to this draft pick!

Tamina – So instead of having a proper split you just draft Santino’s…Girlfriend? Anyway, use her well and I am sure she will become a great diva for Smackdown.

Alex Riley – Now you have moved him away from The Miz, good things should come from this guy. Now use him WWE and he will make a great competitor in the ring!

Sheamus – Okay, he has done up and down on Raw, maybe on Smackdown he will stay on the up and become a main eventer and later the main champion again!

What did you think of this years Draft?


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