Grand Oasis Playa

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The Grand Oasis Playa resort is located about 9 miles from the airport and only 13 miles from the bars, restaurants, clubs and shopping areas of Cancun. Unlike many of the other resorts and hotels, the Grand Oasis Playa is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city to still find your own little piece of tranquility and yet still be close enough to be able to pop into any one of the area’s wonderful restaurants or night clubs in just a few short minutes. Stepping just out side of the city truly has its advantages and the Grand Oasis Playa resort will amaze you time and time again!

There are 388 rooms in the Grand Oasis Playa resort and each one has its own unique views of the ocean, the lagoon, the fantastic gardens, or a combination of these wonders. All of the rooms at the Grand Oasis Playa are decorated in a colorful yet sensual Mexican style decor and have a balcony or terrace area, air conditioning, private baths with tub, a king sized bed or two double sided beds, cable television, direct dial phone, safe-deposit box, welcome items (soaps, shampoo, lotion), and the sixty-eight king superior rooms have a soaking tub out on the terrace!

On the ground of the Grand Oasis Playa resort you will find amazing gardens that show off some of the natural beauty of the area that is sometimes lost in the city atmosphere of Cancun. You will also find the infinity pool with a cascading waterfall and four different restaurants on site to tempt your palate. Also at the Grand Oasis Playa are eight entertaining bars that serve a variety of the traditional Caribbean drinks as well as many other fun favorites! A trip to Cancun just isn’t complete unless you also visit the beach, right?

At the Grand Oasis Playa resort it is hard to look in any direction and not notice the wonderful blues of the ocean! Although the Grand Oasis Playa resort does not have a private beach it might as well be. Since the Grand Oasis Playa resort is located away from the clusters of other hotels and resorts, its open, white sandy beaches are unlike any others in the Cancun area. Rather than finding the over crowded and some times litter strewn private beaches that you find in town, the beaches near the Grand Oasis Playa resort are clean, un-crowded and beautiful.

No matter if you’re looking for a first, second or third honeymoon, or if you’re just looking to get away for any reason, a trip to the Grand Oasis Playa resort should be number one on your list! You can relax and take in the peaceful views during the day and go to the cities hottest clubs that same night. The Grand Oasis Playa resort is a rare location that begs to be visited again and again!


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