Grand Hotel Oslo

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Every great city around the world has a hotel that stands out from the rest and in Oslo it is the Grand Hotel. In 1874 the Grand Hotel Oslo opened its doors and since then it has been a landmark and has truly raised the bar of hotel comfort. Just look into one of its 292 rooms and you will find yourself with an urge to let yourself melt away in its luxury and comfort. If you desire to have the best that there is to offer then the Grand Hotel Oslo is where you will want to stay.

For over 130 years the Grand Hotel Oslo has been in operation and there for it has some rather interesting history and art which only adds to its beauty and luxury. The Grand Hotel Oslo was founded by pastry chef Julius Fritzner in 1874 and was one of only three buildings on its now very busy block. It was the Grand Cafe that opened first and then in the early 1900’s the Grand Hotel Oslo came alive with 120 rooms. The hotel has had a great number of visitors over the last 130 or so years and it is said that when you come into the Grand Hotel Oslo, the layers of time are pealed away and the history of the region whisper to you from the walls.

Like most large hotels the Grand Hotel Oslo does have a restaurant but it is anything but dull and boring! The restaurant at the Grand Hotel Oslo attracts visitors from around the world as well as the locals and has been called a paradise for food lovers! Julius Fritzner had a wonderful dream when he created the Cafe but we can all be sure that he had no idea that it would ever be something as grand as the Grand Hotel Oslo! Don’t be shy, have a meal and when you’re finished you can visit one of the bars of the Grand Hotel Oslo where their collections of wines and other spirits will surely make your evening one to remember.

The Grand Hotel Oslo is the grandest hotel in Oslo and possibly the grandest in the world! With its comforting rooms to its wonderful food and rich historical value it would be a shame to visit Oslo without visiting the Grand Hotel Oslo for a night or just for a night out while your in the area, its an experience that you will never forget!


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