The Best Defense For Abused Women

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Crimes against women are rampant in many countries. The most common crime against women is domestic abuse. But in some Asian countries, it is even dangerous to step out of the house, because there is the fear of getting robbed,kidnapped and worst of all; raped and murdered.

There was one incident where a Muslim woman in “tudung” – this is a Muslim women etiquette; to wrap a scarf like cloth on their head, boarded a bus and was the only passenger on board. The bus driver drove the bus to a secluded area and raped the woman, sodomized her, and finally strangling her to death using the scarf around her head.

Even in the house, women might have an abusive partner and these women are known as facing domestic abuse. Contrary to this, it is not always the abusive partner who is 100% guilty. At times it can be the fault of both parties but most of the times, women will always be the victim in domestic abuse. Sadly, many women who are victims of domestic abuse do not step up for their rights especially in the Asian countries and thus giving their abusive domestic partners more reason to continue with their atrocities.

Now comes to the question why do most Asian women continue to put up with these abuse; and from my point of view is that we do not realize that prevention is always better than cure. Crime and violent confrontations are quite traumatic and should be avoided at all costs. A lot of women or men are not aware when faced with compromising circumstances, this can be easily avoided if we stepped up for ourselves. 

The best way to avert these scenarios is to firstly, convince ourself mentally that any form of physical violence is unacceptable no matter how much we love our partner. There is no excuse and no compromise and all women must not assume it is because they are not a good wife, girlfriend or mother. Neither can these abusive partners believe their actions are actions of love or because of the lost of their temper they are allowed to treat their partners this way.

Mostly, women are afraid to talk about their problems because they want to protect their partners and by doing this, it could lead to more pain and resentment in the coming future. women must be able to know that there is help available when it comes to sharing these type of abuse. Many victims of abuse, suffer silently because they are afraid to share. Being a victim, one must never ever isolate themselves from the rest of society.

Women must always Think of their children. Abusive relationships will cause young children to grow up in a traumatic environment and I am sure we do not want the violent behaviour to be inherited on to the next generation which is the children.

Abused women must not worry if they were to lose their shelter when they take the appropriate action because there are always authorities that can help or assist and there will always be refuge from churches, NGOs or other shelters that are specifically set up for these purposes. 

But women always being the weaker partner must never resort to physical confrontations, but when it does happen, there is only 1 advice which is mind over matter. Women have to win the battle within the mind before winning the battle with their fists.


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