Attaching E-Mail Signature in Windows Live Mail

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E-mail signature is a text, photo, or an image found the bottom of your e-mail messages. E-mail signature is very useful, most e-mail users use e-mail signatures to attach their contact information such as Name, Company, Contact Numbers, e-mails address and their company website. Some users use this e-mail signature as an advertising tool to promote their company product and services.

Windows live mail of a type of mail clients allows users to attach their e-mail signatures in the message to be sent.

E-mail signatures can be manually entered or set it automatically, every time you compose a message Windows Live mail will automatically attach e-mail signature at the bottom of your e-mail message.

Below are the steps on how to set your e-mail signature automatically when you compose a message.

  1. Open windows Live Mail.

  2. In Windows Live Mail Menu got to Menu > options > Mail..

  3. Navigate to Signatures Tab

  4. Under Signature Click New Button. You can rename your signature if you want. You can Also Remove it by hitting Remove Button

  5. Under edit Signature You have 2 options Text or Upload from a file or you can combine either of the two.

  6. Type the information that you want to include in your e-mail signature.

You can add a picture or an image in your signature by uploading a file.

You can also upload a HTML file in your signature.

  1. Choose your signature setting at the top of the Windows Live Mail Options Window.  Check the checkbox “Add signatures to all outgoing messages”.

  2. If you don’t want to add e-mail signature in e-mail replies and e-mail messages forwards, check the checkbox “Don’t add signature in replies and forwards”.

  3. Click Ok if Finished

You can add multiple e-mail signatures by repeating the steps above.

In you added multiple e-mail signature you will need to specify which e-mail signature you want to be the default signature in sending e-mail messages, by selecting the signature and click the set as default button.

If you don’t want that your e-mail signature will automatically appear when you create new messages uncheck only the “Add signatures to all outgoing messages”.

You can specify the e-mail signature when sending messages by hitting “Insert” and choose “Signature”. Then select the desired signature to attach in the new draft message.


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