Nostradamus-Brief Profile.

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The name of Nostradamus needs no introduction.  The most renowned crystal gazer whose predictions are read and debated around the globe even after four centuries.

Michel de Nostradame born in France on 14thDecember, 1503.  We do not know what supernatural spirits helped him to read the future.  We do not know why the spirits picked him as media to narrate  trend of events.  Perhaps, he possessed the requisite ability to record the future when he gained insight.

Michel had completed medical studies to have a clear and deep understanding of the human body. Befriended with nature and had a clear idea of ecology and life systems.  He used to suggest unusual remedies for diseases including Plague which was a threat for human life at that time. His suggestions or remedies went against accepted methods. Sooner, Michel became  a restless soul because of hostile climate and looked around for an alternative.

He moved to Agen on the invitation of Julius Caesar Scaliger (leading philosopher) and set up medical practice, married  in 1534 a young beautiful girl of high estate and found happiness. Unfortunately, life gave him a rude shock when his beloved wife and two children died with Plague in spite of remedies, of which he was proud.  Many of his critics jeered at him for he could not save the lives of  his own family.  At this stage, the friendship which was deep-rooted with Scaliger too started collapsing and Michel ran into trouble.

His late wife’s family sued him for return of her dowry. Me was charged with heresy over a casual remark.  He did not want to answer the charge of heresy because he knew how the clergy with closed minds would torture him.  Michel sought safety by shifting his residence.

While he was in Italy, walking along with a close friend, suddenly he rushed to a swineherd whose name was Felice Peretti.  Nostradamus bent low , kissed and called him ..”Your Holiness!”. His friend enquired why he used the name meant for Pope but Michel had no answer. 

In 1585, Peretti was crowned as the Pope.  The prophecy of Michel de Nostradame had come true after fifty years he made it.

Slowly, his interest shifted from medicine to star gazing.  There was a growing feeling that the stars and planets had a strong influence on human behavior.  Rare flashes of insight into the future began to come to him. 


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