Clothing And Style: Planning Your Wardrobe

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Knowing the things to avoid will help you shop the right clothes and accessories for your wardrobe.

A good and economical  wardrobe is flexible with basic colors and many combinations.  Here are the considerations for you are shopping.

Flatter your figure type

Your skin tone and hair color  must compliment your figure type, and hide any figure weaknesses.    Right color, has to be made from the right material, and right styling.  Here a few basic tips on what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for two types of figures;

Tall and Slender

Best:  Pockets, shirring and draping on the tops of your blouse dresses and suits.  This will give the illusion of bosom.  Wide collars or wrapped necklines to offset the tall look and long neck.  Accessories such as choker necklaces and scarf are best for this type of figure.  Contrasting colors

Avoid:  Narrow belts, tiny pieces of jewelry, small prints.  These will exaggerate the size of tallness.  V neck lines on tops will make one even taller.  When it comes to shoes, for obvious reason, avoid wearing high heel shoes.



Vertical lines in all of your clothing which gives a necessary slimming effect and adds height.

Princess line dresses, short bolero jackets, this will emphasize  the length of the legs and gives a taller look.

Thin belts and small handbags.  Big and bolder belts in the waistline can emphasize shortness.

Small hats with upward flair.


Ruffles, full skirts, and horizontal lines will give the illusion of shortness and small frame.

Large handbags which will give emphasize to the middle of the figure.  This will make look smaller.

Large Hats with a wide brim

Other accessories such as large jewelry, big bold prints will make you look smaller because they take up so much room in the body.

Types of  Skin Tone

Skin tone also compliments with your wardrobe.  The three graduations of skin tone are warm, cool, and neutral.

Warm skin tone.    Those with yellow undertones; shades of red and green that have some yellow in them are more flattering to warm skin.

Cool skin tone.  Those that are with blue undertones and is flattered most by colors with some trace of blue like violet, blue-red, blue-green and so forth. 

Neutral skin tone.  Those with pink or beige undertones are flattered by practically any color.

Recommended basic wardrobe you may have in your closet:

Two three-season suits (or dress jacket combinations)

One summer suit3 Fine blouses (silk, linen, or fine cotton)

Three  wool dresses          

Eight summer –weight tailored dresses

One black or grey winter coat

One black leather case

One raincoat

Two pairs of black shoes for work


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