Ceo Entrepreneurs Involved in Social Media Needed For Amazing TV Opportunity!!!

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  • Are you a Social Media CEO/Entrepreneur with an interesting story?

  • Do you run a company that impacts the way people communicate online, socially and otherwise?

  • Do you have a dream of telling the world about your company and everything that you are up to?

If so, then you we have an amazing opportunity for you!  We are giving Social Media CEO’s and their company’s the opportunity to tell millions of people about their company! This will help you develop your brand, your web presence and your bottom line!

Media big shots such as Maani Edwards are on this project and are looking for you!

Who We Are Looking For:

  • We are looking for interesting people who run interesting social media companies

  • We are looking for people who run a company that will make an impact on the way we communicate, socially and otherwise. 

  • We are looking for companies that have something to offer America and the world!

Rules To Apply:

  • In a short video, tell us why your product or service should be selected

  • Tell us about yourself, your dreams, your family, what inspired you to build this company and what is special about your product or service that you offer.

  • Tell us what are you trying to do with the business

Videos should be no less than 5 minutes in length and no longer than 15 minutes.

The cutoff date for video submission is May 10th. Please send all video submissions to

To apply, just send us a video answering the questions above. You may use a flip phone or any type of recording apparatus that shows you clearly.  We are looking for people who will be interesting on TV—so show us your personality!

If selected as a finalist, you will be offered the chance to be on TV to tell the world about your company!  

Tom Sturges, Executive Vice President, Head of Creative, Universal Music Publishing Group, today announced the promotion of Maani Edwards to Vice President of Urban Creative Affairs, West Coast.

Maani Edwards’ fifteen-year music publishing career has seen him work with many influential writers and performers. He will continue his work with a stable of writers that include 50 CentAmerieAshanti etc.


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