My Reply to Lisa's Message

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Thank you! We are long time buddies on here! I remember you, but guess you don’t remember me! Lisa


Oh my God! You know I love you so much and you’re one of my best friends. I have visited your website and watched all your videos. In fact, I copied to my personal computer all your sexy pictures, from the social networks where I found you. You’re welcome anywhere we meet, virtually or not.

It’s an honor to be your friend, your follower, your fan and admirer- completely yours, but I would like you were mine, just a bit. How? Interacting this way and giving me the feedback. I also need somebody to even write some words to encourage me to keep living my dream. What is my dream? You.

I am proud of you, as so good buddy you are. If you miss me some way, please put the remembrance you have of me in practice, call me, send me a message and share your feelings with me. I am completely open and free for you, twenty-four hours a day, Sunday to Sunday.

I have friends that completely forgot me (and the others too!), when became famous, because simply decided to ignore us. They needed our support when were unknown and lived making home videos for us, asking to recognize their job. Of course I am sad and bored because things like this happen, but I don’t forget nobody, absolutely.

Especially I couldn’t forget you, even if I wanted, for many reasons. You are so beautiful, intelligent, talented, kind and friendly – really a woman of every man’s dream. It’s impossible you go out of my mind. My heart fell in love with you since we met for the first time in Youtube and shared our souls. Let’s keep this way forever.

That’s all and maybe someday I write a song for you. I am the lyrics and you are the melody. Actually, making music inspired by a distant love is a hot advantage for a lonely songwriter.

God bless you,



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