Marbles And Slatestone- Cleaning And Maintenance

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Marble is one important stone used widely for flooring purposes; it is generally polished and has a wide usage in making furniture as well as decorative art pieces. Since it is available in a wide array of colors, you can select from the ranges depending upon your requirements. You can look for marbles wholesale from a reliable supplier; wholesale marble tile is now available at affordable ranges through marbles wholesale dealers and suppliers. Marbles have various properties which make it a good flooring material. It is good looking, hard, smooth, porous and can be easily cleaned.

Here we shall discuss few ways of cleaning it so that you can maintain it well for a long time.

·         You should be careful about not spilling almost anything on the marble floor. You can utilize coasters under beverage glasses in order to avoid moisture rings.

·         Marble can easily be affected by acids, if any acid happens to fall on the marble floor it is supposed to be cleaned immediately, or else it will leave stains. When you set beverage glasses on the marble directly they generally leave rings.

·         You can use a mild detergent solution to rinse as well as wipe dry the marble. Coating using wax shall also protect the marble surface. However make sure the waxing doesn’t make them look yellow.

·         Use lukewarm water to wipe marble; thereafter you can use a wipe dry with a clean cloth. Do not use a damp chamois in order to clean the marble floor, they leave marks.

·         Placing a metal too much on a marble surface can cause stains. For the same you can utilize a commercial rust stain remover.

·         You can also use putty powder or tin oxide in order to polish the etched surfaces. You can then tub using a cloth which is damp.

·         If the surface is damaged severely then you can polish using a business making as well as selling tombstones.

·         Oil stains like butter, lotion, hand cream, etc. have to be removed with the help of an absorbent fine powder like whiting; corn starch can also be used for this purpose.

·         In case your marble flooringhas become dull a marbles wholesaledealer will advise you in enlightening up your marble flooring using a commercial marble cleaner as well as polish. Most of the marble and slatestone wholesaler provide imported polish-cleaners used more on the softer imported marbles. These work faster as compared to the old “marble care kits”.

·         Many times tea, coffee stains, etc. are very difficult to remove. In case you spill tea or coffee in your marble surface you can use an absorbent material like blotter, napkin, etc.

Marble as well asSlatestone wholesaler nowadays provide great quality marbles which lasts long and look great. However it is important to keep them clean and ensure proper maintenance.


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