Do You Know Your Barbie Doll?

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Do You Know Your Barbie Doll?

Hi! My name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, but my friends call me Barbie. I was born March, 9 1959 to George and Margaret Roberts in Willows, Wisconsin. I graduated from Manhattan International High School and went on to become a fashion model. I was created by a woman named Ruth Handler, one of the founders of Mattel Toys. She named me after her daughter, Barbara. My boyfriend, Ken Carson, was created in 1961 and he was named after her son, Ken. You probably already know a lot about me but did you know…

 1. …that I’ve had more than 50 pets – including dogs, cats, horses, zebras, parrots, and a lion?

 2. …that I have more than 1 billion pair of shoes?

 3. …that I’ve had more than 100 careers – including a dentist, NASCAR driver, astronaut, teacher, rock star, chef, pilot (and flight attendant) and surgeon? I also ran for president, was crowned Miss America and won American Idol.

 4. …that I have a twin brother and sister, Todd and Tutti (Tutti was later reintroduced as Stacie), and 3 other sisters; Skipper, Kelly and Krissy?

 5. …that I have worn costumes of 50 nationalities?

 6. …that I have owned numerous vehicles, including jeeps, campers, convertibles, trailers and boats.

 7. …that I sold for $3 in 1959, and according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, I sold for nearly $28,000 at auction (a mint-condition original)?

 8. …that I was sealed in a time capsule in 1976 as part of the Bicentennial celebration?

 9. …that I was painted by Andy Warhol in 1986?

10. …that I have never been married or pregnant?

11. …that I made a cameo in Toy Story 2?

12. …that my name is on video games, bicycles, videos, dvd‘s, clothing, books and hair color?

13. …that some of my first best friends were Midge, Christie, Stacey and P.J.?

14. …that Totally Hair Barbie is the best-selling me of all time?

15. …that my first commercial ran during the Mickey Mouse Club?

16. …that Teacher Barbie was recalled because Mattel forgot my panties?

17. …that 3 of me are sold every second?

18. …that the writer of this article has a 1964 Francie and many other Barbies, including a Ken, Tutti, a dancing P.J. and a talking Stacy with one leg?

19. …that the writer of this article periodically brings her Barbies out of their cases and dresses them?

Long Live Barbie!


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