Advertising Consultants

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Business is becoming so specialised these days – advertising consultants?! I remember when the word “consultants” was said surreptitiously with a whisper and your hand in front of your mouth. So, advertising consultants are becoming necessary in this fast-paced business environment we work in. I think it is because it is becoming fashionable to say “I have to consult my ‘consultant'”! Like one would consult their ‘shrink’! Ha, ha – alright, enough with the jokes.

With the world wide recession we have just experienced, I can see some innovative companies employing advertising consultants. You know that when sales are down, you need to advertise more than your competitors because that is when you make your mark. No one else can afford to advertise, in fact, you probably can’t either, but you have to! Now is the time to capture your market and clean up the competition and any advertising consultant worth his salt will agree with me. Now is the time to re-vamp your company, now is the time to try something new – when nobody is expecting it! You have to prove you have staying power and that your company is tougher than the rest – you have to win the consumers trust!

Being kind of maverick people, advertising consultants have to work harder than your average advertising agency, and they have to have better ideas and smarter tactics. It has been said that they use “guerrilla tactics” – yeah man, it’s a jungle out there! I should imagine that these are not really above board, so maybe not such a good idea to use them blatantly, but a few little white lies here and there in the street can do wonders for your products and your company – ssssh now!

Now I have heard it all – “viral marketing”?! Oh right, that thing you do when you pass free things on to people so that they can catch them and then become loyal customers? And then they tell their friend who passes it on to their friend and so on. And everybody is happy because they all got a free gift! And it all cost less than a television advert, or newspaper ad! And apparently it works very well!

And everyone knows that these consultants earn a fortune of money! Make sure you catch one soon! They are vital to the health of your company.


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