Here Is The Best Golf Driver Tip For You

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Do you want to know the best golf driver tip? In fact there are many good golf driver tips that can help you unleash the monster drives for you. Many of these tips are covered each month in golf magazines. However, not one of them gets to the root cause of the problem.

If I ever had a chance to write a golf driver tip for a magazine, I would say something that will be against traditional opinion. Something instructors would not like to hear. Would you want to hear what it is? I hate to say that there are no quick fixes as they never work in the long term. The one thing that really works long term is working on yourself.

Everyone has an existing level of physical ability. It’s not about the number of balls you hit at a range, or the number of lessons you take or the drivers you swing. Hitting the ball further just increases the clubhead speed. That’s it. So taking more number of lessons or hitting more number of balls will not improve it.

The one thing that can help you mend the clubhead speed is adding strength to your core rotational strength. The core gives power to your swing. A fragile and unstable core cannot give you the outcome that you desire.

A turn back and turn through is a golfer’s swing. This is as simple as it gets. Yes, this is true. So why wouldn’t you work on improving your body’s strength to rotate quickly and powerfully, for that’s the secret to get longer drives?

There are loads of easy and very useful core rotational exercises that anyone can do in their home or office to better their clubhead speed and driving distance.

Would you want a real simple one that you can do while seated in your chair?

Sit up straight and cross your arms in front of your chest.  Fix the position of your head, and rotate the rest of your body to your right and left slowly. Do this without stopping and see how far you can go. As your core feels more flexible, start to rotate faster. Try doing this 25 to 30 times whenever you think about it and I am sure you will feel it.

Time is very important so you will have to get more creative with easy stretches and simple exercises that you can do in your chair. It can not get easier than this.

I hope I was able to help you with this golf driver tip. All the best!


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