Do You Need Sunglasses?

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Sunglasses have been worn through the years by almost everyone. They are worn to improve the looks of a person or sometimes to hide the tears. Sunglasses also help to protect the eyes from the sun. The sun is a million miles away from the earth but the rays that reach the earth can still cause a lot of health problems. The sun also gives out extra harmful ultra violet rays which can cause skin cancer. Ultra violet radiation comes to us in the form of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.  UV-C is usually absorbed by the ozone layer but UV-A and UV-B come through and affect our eyes in the long run.

The thing with ultraviolet radiation is that the UV rays reflect off some smooth surfaces like water, sand and snow, and penetrate the eyes, causing damage to the delicate tissues in the eyes. Had we been living in a greener environment, there would be no problem of reflection. However, since the circumstances are such that we live in an environment where the ultraviolet rays bounce off many reflective surfaces and penetrate our eyes, causing great damage to them; the best thing we could do would be to wear sunglasses in order to protect our eyes.

If you live at higher altitudes, like in hill stations, you really need those sunglasses even more because the harmful ultraviolet rays seem to penetrate your eyes even more as you go higher than sea level. Actually, these rays filter through the atmosphere before they reflect into your delicate eyes. However, at high altitudes, the atmosphere is not so thick and the filtering of the rays is so much less, causing much more damage.

Ultraviolet rays are most powerful between 10 am and 4 pm. It is absolutely necessary for you to wear sunglasses and protect your eyes at this time of the day, especially if you intend to be out in the sun. Also bear in mind that UV rays can filter through clouds and still reach your eyes, causing damage to them. Therefore, wear those sunglasses even on a cloudy day.

When you go shopping for sunglasses and are in a dilemma as to which one will be the best buy, remember to look for green, brown or grey. These colors are ideal. They filter out at least 90 per cent of the harmful UV rays.


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