Modern Side Tables

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If you thought furniture shopping was a boring task, you only have to step out looking for a modern side table. No more the traditional round or square shaped ones, modern side tables can be got in any shape ranging from the half moons to zigzags, multi-layered to alphabet shapes – you name it and you will find it!

If you are not this experimental, go for the octagonal or rectangular ones that make it easy to place a vase or your favorite books on. You can get modern side tables that are made entirely from wood or the metallic ones. The table top can be additionally wooden or glass. For addition to your patio furniture, get plastic side tables or those that are made with environmentally friendly materials. Whatever the décor of your room may be, you are sure to find a side table to match it or accentuate it.

So what does modern art add to the modern side table that the traditional tables did not have on offer? Here is a quick look at the various details you can get in modern side tables:

Wood carving or detailing– your wooden side table instantly looks high end with some carving on it. For a luxurious setting, do not settle for simple carving though. Look for a craftsman or pick up pieces that showcase intricate and exquisite carvings and detailing that will simply blow your mind!

Silver and gold gliding– accentuated modern side tables are ruling the roost today. Get inlayed or painted silver and gold accents on the table to make it stand above the rest. Gliding is a beautiful procedure of adding a silver or golden touch around the carvings or adding an inlay on top of your table for that royal touch.

The bling factor– with everything going bling today, why should your furniture be left behind? A number of world class furniture manufacturers have understood the love for bling and added it to their modern side tables. Get eye catchy pieces that use swarovski crystals as accents on furniture and make an instant style statement!

Not only is a side table useful, it also lends a decorative touch to your home. No doubt then, this year’s fashion statement includes modern side tables with fun designs and shapes and a lot of accents and decorations. To be a part of this latest fashion trend, you do not have to necessarily dish out a large amount; just browse online to find thousands of inexpensive options. Make an informed choice and the right kind of modern side table with the right touch to it can do wonders for any room in your home!


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