Plastic Patio Furniture

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Summer time is usually spent enjoying the outside sitting on your deck, patio or in the yard on your plastic patio furniture. If your furniture happens to have a drab, barren look about it, it’s time to take the time to dapper it up.

Today there are many sources available for decorating your plastic patio furniture. Almost all plastic patio furniture can use a great wash with detergent and water. Start there. Scrub dirt and grime from all of the chairs to your table top and legs of all of the furniture. If you have an umbrella, be sure and clean that also. The umbrella stem as well as the covering can be washed. Depending upon the covering size, the easier way to wash is putting the umbrella cover in the washer. If you don’t have one large enough at home, make a quick stop at the nearest Laundromat. Allow the furniture and umbrella to air dry.

There are paints sold at hardware or stores that sell plastic patio furniture paint such as Lowe’s. If you choose to paint your furniture a different color, you will need to purchase the paint at the hardware or outlet store and follow the directions. You can change the color of your umbrella or use it as a complimentary color to enhance other colors you choose for the plastic patio furniture.

Purchase plastic planters full of greenery to flatter your furniture and bring the yard to the table. Also select a centerpiece to enhance the plastic patio furniture.

Colored pillows for the seats of the chairs of your table are a terrific way to wake up the table. You can select from solids to patterns. Patterns that include the solid color of your table are an excellent way to go that allows you to bring everything together.

If you are inclined to use a needle and thread, you can purchase pillows at your local Hobby Store and cover them with new material from the fabric store of your choosing. If you have old pillows that need a change or want to save a couple of dollars, you can also cover these.

There are many ways to change the look of your plastic patio furniture in order to bring a new look to your yard and house. Plastic patio furniture that is well cared for by owners can last for years. With a basic look to them, you can make subtle changes that are wonderful and allow the furniture to look new even after several years of use.


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