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Sunglasses are primarily designed to act as protective gears for your eyes. It protects the eyes from excessive exposure to sunlight or any other form of increased levels of lights. The prime objective of sunglasses is to prevent any discomfort or damage to the eyes. The functionality of sunglasses varies from that of spectacles that are worn to aid vision. Over the years, sunglasses have become a means of looking stylish and making a fashion statement.

History has it that sunglasses first came into being to facilitate Nero, the Roman Emperor’s frequent habit of watching gladiators fighting. However, the new age sunglasses began taking shape in the early 1940s and large credit goes to the movie industry that popularised the use of sunglasses. Today, sunglasses are a norm and are available in every conceivable colour. Moreover, sunglasses are available in various shapes and colours.

The most popular of sunglasses is the classic aviators. The lens of the aviator glasses is oval and/or pear shaped and become narrower at the bridge of your nose. Movie stars love their aviators and most often than not, they are usually sporting one. This style continues to be very popular and by the looks of it, there are no signs of it slowing down.

Another type of sunglasses is the polarized sunglasses. These are designed to protect the eyes from the solar glare that is reflected off surface of snow, road or water. The technology that is incorporated in these sunglasses is called light polarization, the brain child of Edwin Land. The polarized sunglasses are especially suitable for those people who wear spectacles to aid their vision. Without having t compromise on the quality of vision, the polarized sunglasses provide an element of style.

Regardless of the type of sunglasses that you choose to buy, you can create a new look everyday by using clip-ons. Clip-ons are basically a set of lens that you can buy to fix it on your current pair of sunglasses. Clip-ons are available in a variety of colours and depending on the occasion, you can use the appropriate coloured clip-on.

Sunglasses are such an important fashion accessory and people spend a reasonable amount of money on it. Even some celebrities like Linda Evans, Sophia Lore and Britney Spears, have introduced their own line of sunglasses.

Whether you are at the beach soaking in the sun or you are generally outdoors, you certainly should own a good pair of sunglasses. 


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