Which Leather Jackets You Like?

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Leather jackets are timeless. This is a must have garment in everyone’s wardrobe. Regardless of the style or the colour, a leather jacket is a brilliant addition to your wardrobe. Apart from the fashion aspect, the leather jacket is designed to protect you against the seasonal changes. The leather jacket adds a new dimension to your lifestyle, attitude and your personality.

Leather jackets are generally made by using animal skins. The most common animal skin used in leather jackets is cow’s skin. The other animal skins that are used in manufacturing leather jackets are that of pigs, ostrich and lizards among others.

Apart from the faux fur jackets, there are other garments that are made by faux fur are handbags. They are both equally fashionable and attractive. There are many retail stores that stock faux fur jackets. Moreover, you can choose your faux fur jackets from different designs and colours. The faux fur jacket is a brilliant way to jazz up every outfit and make you look fashionable and trendy.

Just like faux fur jackets, the suede leather jackets are also very popular. To be able to get a clear indication of what faux fur and suede really is, you must take a closer look at they really are.

It is a known fact that leather is derived from the skin of animals. The skin is separated from the body of the animal. It is then processed through the technique of tanning to obtain durable leather.  The main purpose of this processed leather is to manufacture clothes and furniture upholstery.

Superior quality and hides that are not damaged are used in making the full grain leather. This type of leather is not split or sanded. Since it is considered as being more durable than any other type of leather, it is often the most expensive.  It is this type of leather that is used in making faux fur jackets.

In order to get the maximum amount of material required to produce leather goods, the hides are separated into several layers. The separation is made between the inner and outer surface.

 On the other hand, suede leather is obtained from processing the inner or outer surface of animal skin. As this type of leather is thinner than the other type of leathers, it is less durable and often, less expensive. However, if it is full grained suede then it is more durable and more expensive.


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