Fashion And Wardrobe For Men

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Looking good and fashionable is just as important for men, as it is for women. Moreover, image is also a crucial part of a man’s personality as this is often the means of making a first impression and being judged. In fact, over 90% of one’s image is a result of non verbal communication. Although a man’s communication skills are an important means of projecting his image, he draws more attention with the clothes he wears and his accessories.Men’s fashion plays an important role.

To provide you will a simple, yet comprehensive overview of some men’s fashionin which you can look the very best by including some basic wardrobe additions. 

Always get your suits stitched and/or altered by some professional. Leaving this task to an amateur could end up in you not looking your very best. Remember, the fit of the suit is as crucial as the suit itself.

At all times, ensure that the collars of your shirt are not very tight or very loose. Moreover, ensure that the shirt cuffs are roughly ½ inch longer than the sleeves of the suit.

A very well fitted, polished shoe speaks volumes about the man you are. In fact, most women tend to make their first impression of a man by the shoes he is wearing.  Always maintain your shoes to ensure they are in good quality.

Wearing a simple, gold watch is a very powerful fashion statement. If you think you can carry off the look, you can even wear a gold chain. However, make sure that you do not look too loud and jazzy. 

If you are going to be wearing shorts, try to keep the length of your shorts long enough to cover your thighs when you are sitting.

Your best accessory is your smile and a firm hand shake. These two things, when combined, can be a boost to your image.

It is a good idea to try pinstripes, if you want to look thinner than you actually are. You should also try sticking to dark or solid colours as this creates a slimming illusion. Stay away from strong patterns and bulky fabrics. Moreover, avoid trousers that pockets that are slanted and sans flaps.

If you want to create the illusion of looking heavier than you are, consider wearing sports coats that have contrasting colour patterns. Moreover, try to wear clothes that have bulky fabrics. Completely avoid dark coloured suits and jackets that fit too snug.

With all these tipson men’s fashion in mind, you are surely going to make a strong first impression.


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