Lets Help Bukisa By Giving Them Some Feedback!

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So bukisa is a great service that i had no choice to sign up for, I could not turn my head nor back away,

really great free service……..BUT I do have one problem, the

Article Body – Minimum 250 words, max 1500 words – keep it clean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somtimes some people have less words to say then this, sometimes you want to give out a straightout message,

so why must i drag on about something when i was able to make my message is 200 words.

Now i would have to waste 50 words just to post the articale…

Wait…don’t get me wrong here I know they are not doing this to bust anybody’s bubble, but still it just a bit of bug.

So to help them out i have created a little poll so that we can show bukisa that the limit is not the best thing…

remember, the site is in beta, which is testing, so lets give some positive feedback!

Please copy the link into your browser…



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