Make Clothes Dryer Work Efficiently

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It is no breaking news that washing and drying one’s clothes is not a walk in the park. It’s a laborious task that needs to one at least once a week. If yours is a big family, you have to do this every day.  To make life easier, most of us own a washing machine and the clothes dryer. Sometimes, we forget how helpful these machines are.  Both these machines should be operated with care for safety and economical reasons. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you should use the clothes dryer: 

Reducing the Drying Duration

One of the most effective ways of saving you money and extending the life of your garments is by reducing the length of the drying cycle.  There are a number of techniques to do this. Drying many garments at the same time will lead in even drying and also will require a longer time to dry. In most cases, you will have to run another frying cycle to ensure that all the clothes have dried.  Therefore, it is a good idea to keep appropriate loads into the dryer, in intervals. In fact, this will take lesser time and cost you lesser money.

Lint free clothes dryers

Another technique is to ensure that your clothes dryer is lint free. Remember to keep the lint filter clean by ensuring that it is cleaned prior to and after each drying cycle. A clean lint filter is the secret to the effective running of a dryer. 

Let the sun do the trick

Another technique is hanging your clothes on the clothes line so that it can dry in the sun. Remember. Hang the clothes outdoors only if it is sunny and bright.  This is a good way to save money that you will spend on a drying cycle.

Keeping the clothes dryer clean

Apart from the lint filter, it is imperative that you clean out the entire vent after each drying cycle. There is a good chance that the lint filter could have missed some lint and it would have settled along the inner part of the clothes dryer. Ensure this cleansing is done at least once a month. 

Safety measures

Avoid any garment that could have any flammable substance that has been spilt on them. Flammable substances could include alcohol, kerosene, solvents and cooking oil. These substances have the ability to emit vapours that are explosive which inturn could cause fire in the dryer.  Finally, ensure that the machines are serviced from time to time. 


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