A Decorative Combo Of Coat Racks And Vintage Clothing

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Coat racks are generally considered as something to keep clutter off the floor by hanging scarves, hats and coats. But did you know that you good use coat racks to decorate to your own tastes?

Yes that right. Out of many of the ways you can do this, one example is that you can hang vintage clothing on coat racks. Displaying vintage hats and bonnets works better on mounted racks while shawls, gowns, scarves and cloaks can be displayed on floor mounted racks.

For the purpose of decoration make sure to buy coat racks which are slightly more expensive as they will provide a better eye catching experience while decorating.

For floor mounted coat racks you could use rattan, wrought iron, brass or bent wood to give you a better effect. For the wall mounted ones you could use solid hardwood. Do not buy something which is plain and ordinary as it will not serve the purpose of decoration.

You could find wall mounted ones with different styles of painting such as rosemaling. Also in addition to hanging you could out a rack on the top and display your collectibles.

Another necessary addition is a mirror. It enhances the beauty of the entire display and room and also can be useful for guests to check their appearance when they enter the house.

To search for vintage clothing and hats for decorative display read on.

Most of the larger cities will definitely have vintage clothing shops. Clothing can also be found in estate sales. Apart from these you can also check out second hand shops where people donate vintage clothes.

Vintage clothing can also be bought from merchants who specialise in providing olden times and vintage costumes for occasions. The internet is also a pretty useful tool to find vintage clothing.

But be a bit careful when buying reproduced vintage clothing as it may be expensive. The labour costs in making such clothing using olden techniques are pretty high.

Make a note while choosing vintage hats. You can either display hats on your coat rack which are from various eras or choose a particular era and display only those hats from it. You could add more beauty and diversity by hanging hats which have a long ribbon winding down or even hand a vintage umbrella to add to the effect.

The options are endless, so pick and choose carefully to give the desired decorative effect with the combination coat racks and vintage clothing.


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