You Can Design Your Own T-Shirt

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Today, the world is full of surprises and possibilities, thanks to the advancements in science and technology. Even the fashion industry seems to have incorporated a fair share of these technological advancements into their business.   For instance, from the concept of inline designers to inkjet enabled transfers, you can now design your own t-shirt and then print it. This is fun, exciting and extremely exciting. Moreover, it does not require a professional to design a good t-shirt; even an amateur can do this very well. That said, to get a good t-shirt design and print, there are three vital aspects that you need to pay close attention to. Those components are – Size, Contrast and Balance.    

One of the most important aspects of designing your t-shirts is the size of the design. It is recommended that you try to keep the graphics and text quite big. This will ensure that the design is noticeable and readable form at least six feet away. It is also a good idea to keep the text simple and to the minimum. Too much text can cause confusion and make the design look messy. No one will have the inclination or time to read an elaborate message that is printed on your t-shirt.   

The other, equally important aspect that you will need to consider is the contrast among colours. It is vital that you balance the level of contract and brightness between the different inks you use and the colour of your t-shirt. For instance, on a white t-shirt, if you choose to use yellow for the text that you are going to print on it, the final product will not be great. This is purely because yellow is not the most legible colour on white. Similarly, dark blue is not a suitable combination on a black t-shirt or vice versa.  Another area where contrast comes to play is with graphics. A graphic is a combination of several colours that are similar, For instance, if you choose to use colours like black, dark blue and purple it will be barely distinguishable, causing a blurring effect. Hence, you should aim to use colours that go well together to make the graphics recognizable. 

The last aspect is that of balance. This refers to the overall allocation of images and text on the t-shirt which should be balanced on your t-shirt.

With this sorted, you are ready to get started on making your own, stylish t-shirts. 


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