It Is Vital To Dress Appropriately For An Interview

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Making sure that you are appropriately dressed for an interview is as important as preparing for the interview itself.  The way you are dressed for an interview is the basis if the first impression that your prospective employer will make of you. Hence, it is essential that you pay enough attention to your attire. There are occasions where candidates who appeared for interview being inappropriately dressed were rejected, despite having brilliant credentials.  Moreover, being well dressed at an interview is a morale booster and will make you feel more confident about yourself.

We have provided a quick overview of some of the most important things that you will need to bear in mind while getting dressed for an interview.

Always wear a business suit for an interview. This can either be a two piece suit or a formal shirt under a blazer. The biggest advantage of wearing a suit is that it can never be a wrong attire to turn up in for an interview.

Wearing a crisp white, full sleeved shirt is a formal look that is most suited for an interview. Make sure that the shirt is well pressed and is free of any wrinkles, stains and creases. Moreover, ensure that the fit is appropriate for formal attire.

For the tie, try to stick to plain and simple design tie. Stay away from ties that are too distracting and jazzy. It is best to wear dark coloured ties that look formal and ideally are 100% silk. If you have one, it is recommended that you wear a silver tie bar to hold the tie in its place. This will restrict unwanted movement during the interview and ensure that you don’t fiddle around with the tie, a gesture that is reflective of nervousness.

Always make sure that the shoes you wear are in good condition. Any sort of wearing off or ripping on the shoes is an absolute no-no. Make sure that the shoes are well polished and shiny. Ideally, you should wear black socks for an interview. Avoid colourful socks with formal attire.  Remember to wear a belt that matches the colour of your shoes. Moreover, stay away from belts that are jazzy or too loud. It is best to stick to black shoes and a black leather belt. Make sure that your hair is styled well and is not too long.  Try keeping facial hair to a bare minimum.

Finally, wear your confidence and nail that interview. 


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