Religion & Mythology

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Religion is as old as man himself. We do not find any people or period without religion.  Religion played a major role in the birth and development of civilization.  It becam an integral part of  our living.

Man is religious by nature.  It explains the relationship of nature, God and man.  It explores the cause  and purpose of our existence.  It brings humanity and divinity into focus.  It adds a new dimension to life.

A religion unites people into a common faith.  Many are truly world religions in spite of divisions, fights and cruelties on the name of  religion.  These true religions have millions of followers and crossed the limits of countries, place and time. Religions are piously observed, followed and practiced all over the world.

Religiousness means a firm faith in some unseen, supreme power who has created and sustained the universe, who may be called “GOD”.  The supreme power can be accessed through prayers, worship, rituals and surrender to his will etc. Sometimes, the supreme power is worshipped in the form of GOD or GODDESS.

Major religions of the world are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.  A religion may have sects or sub-sects.  For example, Christianity consists of Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Anglicans etc.  Christianity has the largest following in the world followed by Islam.  It is almost difficult to  give accurate number of followers of a particular religion.

But, religion left an indelible impact on humanity. 


Man is myth making by nature . Myths can not be ignored or neglected because they are traditional and  recollection of events in the form of stories.  Each and every religion or culture has its own treasure of of legends, myths and ancient stories.  Thus, mythology is a touchstone and measure of civilization.

Myths are a rich source of our  past life, beliefs, customs, traditions and common heritage.  They may not be factual but were created with a purpose or history and handed down from one generation to another as a capsule of wisdom.

Myths are regional in flavor but universal in their message and content.  Myths are local but significance is global and transcendental.   They illustrate truth, wisdom, history and human values, in a simple, captivating and imaginative way, invariably deal with the nature and purpose of life.

Myths are rich source of inspiration, glorify values and strengthen our faith in GOD.  They touch our inner most feelings because they deal with our sufferings and joys, war and peace, crime and punishment, fate, destiny, free will, conflicts, love and hatred and many other emotions.  Myths are very fascinating because their relevance is never lost.

The Indian Puranas contain thousands of legendary tales.  There are 18 principal Puranas which contain the whole body of  Hindu Mythology.

Similarly Greek  & Roman Mythological literature is very interesting, fascinating, rich and colorful.

My most fascinating myth is MERMAID.  What about yours?


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