The Significance Of Shipping In Fashion

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Have you ever thought about how clothes you see in shows, runways etc make it to departmental stores?

There is a huge process which is involved in this. Every item of clothing has to go through many steps and also travel hundreds of miles. Because of the fast paced nature of the fashion industry the steps require good logistics.

As the designer Tony Gendler says, that shipping is the means by which the business is kept together. His label of menswear has several followers including Hollywood stars Adrien Body and Janie Foxx.

His business which started 4 years has heavily relies on UPS which has helped him ship designs, clothing and fabrics all over the world. According to him, every shipment adds to the overall job getting done well.

The process is highly complicated. Before starting on his designs, Tomer first searches for fabric from around the world such as Italy, China or Switzerland. Once he is finished making the design he has to order a sufficient amount of material so that he can work on the sample which he will show in a few weeks in New York. To reach the point of perfection, samples are often shipped back and forth between these various countries. Once designs are ready, Tomer has to talk to prospective buyers to find out which of these designs can be sold in stores.

After the clothes are selected he and his company must figure out the amount of material and fabric which would be required to meet demands. Once material is received the process is transferred to a grading company which then starts making the clothes in various sizes to meet demand. The fabric, patterns and trim are also shipped by UPS to New York as well as Italy where tailors start making the clothes.

Also required are UPS custom brokers who make sure that Tomers clothes clear textile inspections with ease. Once the clothes get made, they need to ship it to his showrooms in New York to go through quality inspections. Once he is satisfied his clothes can then be shipped to other countries and stores.

The worst part is that if there is a delay in shipment, some stores may cancel the order leaving Tomer at a loss. 

Tomer says it is very essential to have a good shipment company as then he doesn’t have to worry about the logistics and shipping details, and can concentrate on his design and work.


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